A few idea for additions to the PVP system to keep things interesting in Cyrodil.

Passive abilities

Addition of a passive skill that detects enemy players when they are within proximity. Proximity is increased as points are invested in the passive (up to 5 points). Notification should be minimal, as players is within a keep or engaged in combat this will be constantly alert.

A similar passive should also be available to allow attacking players to hide more effectively. This passive is a direct counter to the the previous counter and so the same amount of points should be used and reflect the same values.

These passives skills should not be restricted to use in Cyrodil as they can be used to sneak past NPC enemies throughout Tamriel. Skill should not rely on line of site, so player will be alerted even if enemy is hidden behind buildings/rocks.

The proximity alert is only a warning for the player, they can then sneak or put up magelight or take whatever other countermeasures they deem necessary.

Note: More skill points need to be introduced if this is to be used as a PVP passive or it could be fitted into the Champion points tree.

I have mentioned object explorer before, which would provide players with more details on the selected items (and in the case of an enemy player being selected, their stats could be seen as well details on their armor configuration). A passive ability could be used to hide these details or even broadcast false data, making them believe the player is much weaker than they appear.

To combat: Ganking

Scouting reports / Intelligence

Once a set number of scouting reports have been completed (within the required duration) that factions players are eligible for additional information on their maps for a short period. This information can show movements of large clusters of players, making it more difficult for ‘zerg’ groups to overwhelm keeps.

Smaller groups and single players will not show up on the map.

In addition to existing scouting reports, and a different quest will deploy NPC agents in an enemy keep as a spy. While the spy is active in the keep they will supply information to the player regarding that keep – detailing number of showing locations of players inside the keep. The spy can be killed by enemy players if spotted (revealed by magelight, potions or having a high enough detection level).

To combat: Zerging

Keep entry 

If a keep is under attack for an extended duration (greater than 60 minutes), an alternate entry method become available. A tunnel under the keep wall can be accessed by a limited number of players (four man group), while the remainder continue the regular assault. The tunnel is guarded by a number of high level beasts and NPC players, making it very difficult to access (but not impossible). The tunnel difficulty can be buffed by the status of the keep.

If the surface assault fails before the tunnel can be cleared, access is lost. Duration is expected to be no less than 20 mins, making it not viable unless the siege is expected to continue. Only one group can enter the tunnel, if they fail a cool down locks the tunnel for a set duration.

Completing the tunnel will bring players within the outer walls, they are still required to bring down outer wall for the rest of the group to enter.

Guild access

If a player dies, and their guild owns a keep which is currently under attack, they have the option to respawn at set locations around the keep to defend it – the outer tower portals. The spawn locations must be activated when ownership of the keep is taken and at least one member of the guild must be present at the keep to allow players to respawn into it while under attack.

PVP officers from the guild that owns a keep can change the alert status of the keep. When the keep is on high alert the guards are more likely to attack enemies. Officers can also direct NPC to focus their defense on certain areas, although this may leave other areas unprotected.

Keep history

A history of activity should be available for each keep, showing which guilds have owned the keep and for how long they retained control. This should remain current until the campaign ends. Significant battles can also be recorded.


When one campaign has significantly more players online than the others and the emperor is defending keeps alone (not in a group), and has met a number of other conditions (been online for extended period, not left Cyrodil during that period and possibly some others) they have the option to summon a titan to assist with defense.

To combat: Nightcapping


A replay system for duels. Player can reload their previous duels – an NPC ghost of the opponent assumes the role of the opponent and mimics the same movements performed, allowing the player to fight exactly the same fight over and over again.


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