ESO: Guild halls


One of the features I would like to see added into ESO in the near future is Guild Halls. I spoke about housing before and it looks like that is going to be added later in the year and so hopefully Guild Halls can use the same building blocks and it wouldn’t be too difficult to have building owned by a guild – to store trophies and other such items. Along with this, I should imagine would follow many updates for the existing guild system.

To make proper use of a Guild Hall, I think a few items need to be added to existing system, like trophies when a guild completes various trials or PVP objectives and rewards for such achievements. Some guild focus more on trading and they should also have some rewards, perhaps based around the number of sales. Individual membersí achievements should also be able to highlighted in a Guild Hall (if the player wishes it so). So, guilds get their own achievements page in the same way that a player has a list of achievements. Access to in-game features like the bank and workstations etc, would make a guild hall a very attractive spot for its members and being able to complete crafting quests at the guild hall could give a small bonus to the guild itself.

So guild themselves would be able to earn money in other ways and so they could use that money for more things – like guild hall assistants, which could aid with some things and gives players discounts and other small bonuses. Money would also be needed for upgrading the Guild Hall, to add access to features like Banks, Crafting Stations and Teleportation Portals.

Updating the existing Guild System

Much more control needs to be added between a player and the guild. The rank structure does provide some roles for players, but players should also be able to specify if they want to publish achievements to each guild or just one guild. In line with this, it would be nice to have the option to specify a primary guild which could be associated with the player and visible when walking around Tamriel. So player is providing advertising for the guild – which I suppose is currently done with guild tabards. The problem with these is that there is no direct link to associate a particular tabard to a guild. So having a tag or a title or some kind of text notification to let people know that a player belongs to this guild would go a long way to highlighting the guild. One of the places this would be very interesting is the leader boards. When a guild gets the best time for a Trial, they should be recognized and when a guild takes over a campaign in Cyrodil, they should also be recognized for this.

Once guild names are more prevalent in the game, people will want to enquire or join those guilds and so the “about section” in the guild becomes very important and having a contact person and some guild details visible to players is necessary. Showing how many people are in a guild and links to the members profiles, can be optional but a public player profile I think is another update that should come in line with guilds. Highlighting achievements, and showcasing costumes, with video clips of the most epic kills and fails. Being able to list which gear you are wearing and what dyes you used. As a side note, this information should be accessible from outside the game and exported to guild pages and in a previous post I described an app maintained by Zenimax and this would be another place to show off this information. Comments on the profile could be enabled if players wished – it would be quite interesting to see responses posted here after ganking someone in Cyrodil. This could also link to social media if players wanted, which would be a good source of advertising for ESO.

Coming back to ranks and roles within the guild – the ability to show these ranks, alongside the guild name would be nice but being able to add a little star or epaulets for your character and customize it that much further would be even better. Personal customizations like this can be an added to the crown store, as an added revenue stream for Zenimax. Being able to design a guild logo made on the Zenimax website (as long as they have a proper tool, which allows integration with JPG’s and PDFs) and replace the logo on the tabard with something more personal would also go a long way towards customization. This design could also be printed onto clothes and merchandise which could be sold through the Zenimax website as yet another means of revenue, or they could partner with one of the many online stores like Etsy. Sure most guilds are quite small and so they would be lucky to sell 100 hoodies with the logo on it, but for the cost it would take to setup and the management of the service they provide versus the advertising they get and player satisfaction, I think it works. Not to mention, the tool on the website could be used for other purposes too – like adding heraldry to a players shield or armour, which could be purchased through the crow store but thatís not really related to guilds so I wonít go into it more here.

Adding Guild Halls

A base level could be available when a guild reaches a certain level, in the same way you need 10 members before you can use the bank feature. So letís say you need 50 members to be able to get a Guild Hall. The base level wouldn’t have many of the features, but by completing achievements and through purchases from the crown store, you can customize the building as you need. Decisions for such modifications can either be at the guild masters discretion or put to a vote from guild members. Involving members in such decisions is a great way to stimulate activity and get players active in guild activities. So having a poll feature available to the guild is probably something that can be added without a guild hall. As achievements are completed some of the items below can be added.

Add-ons for Guild Hall
– Banker
– Crafting Stations
– Gardens
– Portals
– Trophy Rooms
– Banners and colour customization
– NPC assistants
– Training facilities
– Merchant (discounted items, and guild specials)

I mentioned many of these items in my post regarding housing, and I think the two are related. A player should be able to access the majority of the features without having to join a guild but there should also be some advantages to joining a guild. So perhaps the chance of getting a legendary item when refining ore is a little higher when using guild facilities? Or you get slightly better rates at the merchant? Services could also be made available through the guild, like quicker training times for mounts or a 5% speed bonus when training through the guild or using a guild mount.

Guild activities could also be arranged through the Guild Hall. For this I think an updating mailing system needs to be in places, which allows you to manage communication with guild members. See who has received guild newsletters, who has read it and who has logged on but has ignored the mail. This would integrate with polls and other features – like an image gallery. Which is again, accessible from outside Tamriel, and managed through the website and can be exported to social media and various guild sites.

Social media integration

Most guilds have a homepage, but quite often this doesn’t get a lot of activity and Facebook groups are a more common places for guild members to integrate. So having each players profile linked to their Facebook account, means that if the Guild was linked to a Facebook group, guild members could be automatically added. Guild events could be linked to the calendar and members would be notified on their phone/tablet/smart watch, and videos etc could be uploaded from inside the game with a single click.

It would also be nice if all guild chats could be exported out at the end of each month, so Guild Masters and Officers can use those logs to resolve any disputes that may have occurred when there wasn’t someone online to help.

I doubt it would happen on Facebook but being able to add your character information to your social media profile, so they have a kind of sub account could also prove quite interesting. An account for each character, making use of all the in-game emotes and taking endless selfies after killing a dungeon boss. Then having other guild characters commenting on it, it takes role playing to a higher level.


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